The 6-Month Transformative Program That Takes You From Only Working Off Referrals To Achieving Consistent Growth And Sales In Your Business.

Are you ready to have consistent AND predictable customers booking with you?

Well I've got just what you need! My Signature Framework is Designed for SCALEABLE Success

With our signature She Speaks Brave Framework as the foundation of our services and this program, our Marketing Accelerator will empower and prepare you as a business owner to confidently and efficiently scale your business.

The Marketing Accelerator is a transformative 12-month partnership designed for ambitious business owners who are ready to bring in consistent determined to elevate their businesses to six and seven figures without compromising their sanity.

Whether you're a solopreneur wanting to implement yourself or you have a team member needing direction in implementing effective marketing. This mentorship collective uniquely combines foundational marketing principles & tried and trusted online strategies to help business owners craft a robust online marketing system and launch profitable online campaigns that effectively convert into sales.

Whats Included:

A done with you marketing accelerator partnership where our focus is implementation and accountability, community, support, PLUS personalized strategy. Your unique goals, your unique strategy.

  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Consulting Calls

  • Bi-Weekly Group Marketing Support Calls

  • Access to training portal

  • Unlimited access to private, on demand consulting from Nicole via a Slack Channel for 1:1 support and questions

  • A Sales and Marketing CRM that is all set up and ready for you to customize

  • Bonus resources, tools, and templates curated just for you based on your unique plan and goals

  • Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions

  • Ongoing Ads and Marketing Support: Get the real-time support you need to take your next steps! Our team is available Monday to Friday to answer any questions you may have. You also have the brains of other amazing entrepreneurs as part of your incredible mastermind community!

Plus community perks:

  • Access to our Facebook community of like-minded business owners

  • Access to my members only resource library

  • My latest strategies that are working right now

  • So much more!

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Not clear on which level of support is the right next step for your business?

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Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Nicole

Founder of She Speaks Brave. With over 15 years of experience, I am a Marketing Strategist and Brand Designer who specializes in helping small businesses. My expertise lies in simplified but effective strategy, and I have been successfully marketing small businesses for the past decade and a half.

My entrepreneurial journey began almost a decade ago when I started my first business after the birth of my oldest child.

As a beauty professional, I grew tired of waiting for walk-ins to fill my schedule, so I decided to leverage the power of an online presence to reach a wider audience. It didn’t take long for me to realize that relying solely on organic online marketing was not only exhausting but also time-consuming and unsustainable.

In search of more consistent results, I turned to online marketing for my own business. However, I soon discovered that without a well-crafted strategy, I wasn’t achieving the desired outcomes. Determined to find a solution, I embarked on a journey of testing and trying different strategies until I finally hit upon one that worked for me.

Armed with my newfound knowledge, I began offering done-for-you solutions to numerous small service-based businesses. It became clear to me that many of these businesses couldn’t afford the financial burden of hiring an agency or maintaining their own in-house marketing team on top of their ad spend. Moreover, I noticed that most marketing gurus were overcomplicating the process of growing a business, leaving entrepreneurs burnt out and overwhelmed.

Driven by a desire to simplify the process and make it more accessible, I transitioned towards a mentorship and done-with-you model. This approach not only saves businesses money but also allows them to reinvest those savings into their growth. By offering a simpler system, I aim to help small businesses achieve sustainable growth without exhausting themselves in the process.